Tuesday, September 30, 2014

#Quranic Reflections

Surah Taha is a very powerful surah where Allah emotionally consoles the Prophet (sws). In ayah 7, Allah says: “And if you speak out loud - then indeed, He knows the secret (As-Sirr) and what is [even] more hidden (Akhfaa).
Shaykh Abdul Nasir in his tafseer of Surah Taha describes how As-Sirr is an extremely private secret, a very deep dark secret that you tell someone in confidence, or something that think to yourself. Akhfaa is something that is in your heart and not shared; something you dare not even speak to anyone else or something that you haven’t yet even formulated a thought about. Allah says that if you say something out loud, then realize that Allah even know that which is As-sirr, your private, quiet secrets and that which is even more hidden than a secret.
This ayah is a consolation for the Prophet sws because the Prophet (sws) is going through a lot in Makkah, he is working himself extremely hard, he is worried and concerned for his people and for us, he is staying up at night praying and crying to Allah- Allah tells him that you cried out loud, you begged, you spread your hands out…your prayers are being heard, they are understood because Allah even knows that which your heart is still containing and hasn’t been said…Allah is always there. & This is a reminder for us too.
There are moments or days that completely break & exhaust us and leave us with our hands spread, crying and begging before Allah and sometimes the thought crosses our mind of whether or not Allah hears us or if our du’as are being understood. During these moments, this ayah is a consolation for us too. Allah hears what we cry out loud, those moments where we can’t contain ourselves anymore but Allah also knows what is deep inside of us…things that we are still holding in, deep in our hearts- Allah understands everything. You and I have a Lord that turns to us as soon as we turn to Him with a sincere heart. Bear patiently & trust Him, you and I are never alone. “…We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein.” [50:16]

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